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Thu, 17 April 2014: Adcorp Holdings Ltd (ADR)     Open: 3237    Close: 3237    Bid: 3210     Bid Volume:1500    Offer: 3250   Offer volume :1074      High: 3298     Low: 3219     Volume: 68692     Value 224005922   pe   : 24.52     Move: -18  Move percentage:  -55.61%  Trades   Number: 58  
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Adcorp and the South African employment industry

With its population of 48 million people and a labour force of 31 million, South Africa has an employment industry that has a number of unusual characteristics. The most telling is the high unemployment rate, which currently stands at 25%.

This is high by the standards of most western nations, where 10% is the norm, but not necessarily by those of emerging markets. So at any one time, nearly one in four people are seeking employment. It is this that drives the existence of a large, dynamic recruitment industry. It is here that Adcorp and the country’s staffing sector is focused, providing a wide range of services to millions of new entrants, re-entrants, job leavers and others who have lost their jobs.

Job-seekers with limited qualifications or experience find employment through temporary employment services. This sector alone is worth R26bn, and consists of more than 5 000 businesses operating nearly 7 000 recruitment centres. In addition, there is also a vibrant, competitive contract-labour market, where private-sector intermediaries play a vital role in helping people to find work.
10 April 2014 - Decisive action required in platinum strikes to avoid a repeat of political tragedy
The economy shed 48,066 jobs during March, with the informal sector being the only sector to create jobs, numbering 13,959 for the month. This is according to Adcorp Labour Economist Loane Sharp in the latest Adcorp Employment Index. ...
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10 March 2014 - Job losses in South Africa reach three-year low
The South African economy shed 118,397 jobs in February, marking the biggest monthly loss in almost three years. This is according to Adcorp Labour Economist Loane Sharp in the latest Adcorp Employment Index. ...
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10 February 2014 - Skills development moving in the wrong direction
The economy shed 36,290 jobs during January 2014. The biggest losses occurred in permanent work, which lost 22,224 jobs during the month...
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